Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Before I was a mother there were several things that I never understood. In fact, some things that I would see parents do would shock and appall me. Having twins has given me a new appreciation for things and I see now that what once shocked me was all a misunderstanding. I have a created a list of things that I now understand as a parent.

I understand...

...why there is a lonely shoe in the middle of the aisle in a restaurant/grocery store/ any other public venue. a parent could think that a leash connected to their toddler was a brilliant idea (I've never done this, but when L & M part waters upon hitting the ground it has crossed my mind)

...that sometimes my kids are going to look like heathens no matter how many times I've fixed their hair, washed their face and changed their clothes.

...that it is okay to put things that were once in their mouth into mine if there is A) not a trash can in site B) it makes them happy to shove things into my mouth as I "pretend" eat or C) cleaner than carrying around sticky slobbered sucker in my hand.

...why there is a shopping cart full of groceries/clothes etc. left in the middle of the store with no owner planning to come back to claim it.

...that a screaming child flailing about on the floor is no laughing matter (if it's mine) =) a child could have a runny nose that hasn't been wiped (it's a never ending flow people)

...why instead of knowing the Top 20 Hits of today, I can sing every Disney song known to man :0)

...that the driver singing obnoxiously/or speaking overly exaggerated may be trying to entertain a toddler

...the origin of a "bag lady" (she was a mother of twins...for SURE)

Well that's a few of the most recent things I've come to understand; however, I'm pretty sure I will have many more of these as the kids get older.


Friday, March 25, 2011

L & M Dance

Upon the request of Morgan aka "Super Nanny", I purchased the Barenaked Ladies "Snacktime" CD. Who knew that the Barenaked Ladies would actually write children's songs? It is actually pretty darn funny and I can attest that it is enjoyable for me and the kids.

A lot of the songs are very upbeat with crazy sounds and silly lyrics. There are songs about Allergies, Bad Days, not wearing your sister's coat because you're a boy, popcorn popping...and so on and so forth.

After shots, Maddox wasn't feeling up to par so Morgan took the kiddos outside and put "Snacktime" on the iPod. Maddox was getting into the Popcorn song and Lukas decided he needed in on the action and here is the footage she caught...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

15 Months

I'm not even going to say it, but you know what I'm thinking. I cannot believe we are almost in the month of April and that my babies are a month older. <---- Technically, that didn't count as saying what I always say every month. It's a love/hate relationship that I have with time. I love all the new things that L & M are able to do, but I hate that the more they can do means the less I get to do for them.

They are a complete joy to be around with everyday. Even on bad days (caused by teething, illness or just a cranky day), there is always at least a few moments that make my day that much better!

 I took them to the Pediatrician on Monday and my babies are getting so big. Lukas weighed 29.4 lbs and is 33.3" tall. He is in the 95 percentile for height, weight and head circumference. Maddox was 24.6 lbs and was 31" tall. She is in the 80 percentile for height, weight and head circumference. Dr. B said that they were ahead of schedule on most of their developmental milestones and that he doesn't see any developmental delays at this time. We are so happy that the twins are doing so well. Twins are at a higher risk for having developmental delays, because they are generally born pre-term. We feel extremely blessed everyday that our twins have been so very healthy.

 We gave three vaccinations on this visit and let me tell you...the older they get, the harder it is on Mom. I think it's because they know someone is holding their legs and inflicting pain. My heart broke this round of shots. Even though they were happily sucking on a sucker within seconds of the shots, the thought of giving them again make me feel nauseated.

In other news, the twins have their first trip to the dentist on Friday.  This is a simple visit to take a look at their many teeth to make sure that everything is coming in properly.  I'll let you know how that goes in my next post.

As for now, that is all she wrote...I get the point!








Friday, March 11, 2011

Who Looks Like Whom?

When you have a new baby, you always hear comments on who the baby resembles.  We constantly hear "Maddox looks exactly like Sarah", "Lukas looks just like Cody",  "I can't tell who they look like" or "They are a perfect mixture of both Sarah and Cody".  Depending on who it is, sometimes they see it opposite of what I said before.  We always find it interesting to hear what people think.  Since we see them everyday, it is sometimes hard for us to decide who looks like who?

While home for Christmas, we gathered up some pictures of us at the 1 year of age.  We thought it would be neat to see if they resembled us at the same age.  Take a look below and then place your vote so that we can see who you think Maddox and Lukas favor at 1 year of age.

Here is a couple of pictures of me as a baby:



Here is a couple of pictures of Cody as a baby:



Now it's time to vote...