Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My little singer

Maddox loves to sing and she is really good at picking up on lyrics to songs. At bedtime we sing lots of different songs from Amazing Grace to Coldplay and The Beatles. Recently, her favorite has become "Hey Jude"

I finally got it on video..Enjoy ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Potty Time

We have had Maddox potty trained for several months now and we were wanting to get Lukas started as well.  From the beginning, we had decided to let them do it at their own pace and we weren't going to make this a horrible experience on everyone by pushing them before they were ready. BUT...Lukas had turned 3 in December and we were wanting him to be a little interested in potty training and he was a little pushing was going to be required.

We spoke with his teachers at school and they recommended that we put him in underwear and they would do the same at school.  After psyching ourselves up for the task, picking out new underwear and selecting a LONG weekend to start the process, we were ready to train.

At home we went sans underwear and pants, because it was easier to watch him and make sure he wasn't sneaking off to go in his underwear.  However, we had issues with going Number 2 which EVERYONE told us was the hard part.  He actually had some success with it at the very beginning, but then he regressed and refused to go on the potty.  Then we had success mixed with failure and it was frustrating because he would do so good and then just start going in his underwear again!  After several clean-ups...which in underwear is simply awful, we were getting frustrated.

The Sunday before Spring Break Cody sat Lukas down and told him that when he went #2 in the potty he made Mommy & Daddy really happy.  From that day forward, he has not had 1 accident in his underwear.  It was like it just clicked for him.  He started going on the potty every time.

We even traveled to Missouri to visit my brother and his family and Lukas didn't have one accident in the car and we only had to stop 1 on the way there and 2 on the way back (in a 5hr car drive).

I can't tell you how proud we are of him.  He is such a big boy and to be completely potty trained in a few weeks was WORTH the pushing to get him started!  We are also happy we only have 1 baby to buy diapers for...we can see the light.

2 down, 1 to go :)