Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Months

I keep thinking there is NO WAY my baby can be 5 months old.  It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and anticipating the arrival of Miss Ridley.

Ridley is such an awesome baby.  She is pretty much a happy girl 90% of the time.  Don't get me wrong, the twins were great babies too, but there were two of them.  When one had a rough night, you always worried about if the other one would wake up.  If one was having a really rough time, you were trying to juggle the unhappy baby whilst still attending to the happy one.  It's just different with 1.

Ridley is becoming really vocal these days.  She loves to growl at her dragon puppet, play in her exersaucer and squeal.  She is starting to learn to blow bubbles and she thinks that is pretty awesome.  Bath time is a favorite for her and she LOVES watching Lukas & Maddox.  I admit they are pretty entertaining.


  • Rolls from front to back/back to front (she rolls everywhere)
  • She has two bottom teeth
  • She can hold her head unassisted
  • She can sit up on her own for short periods unassisted
Here are a few pictures of the twins at 5 Months & Ridley at 5 Months


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have been truly neglectful of my blog, which is sad because I really enjoy blogging.  So in justification of my lack of blogging, I'm going to give you a brief photo bomb of a day in the life of the Mixon family (summer edition).

We visit family in Arkansas

We have family visit us

Big Brother

Maddox & Zed

Cole, Ridley, Erin, Lukas & Maddox

Grams, Lukas & Bubbles = Always a good time

Maddox & Grams

Aunt Ky & Lukas

Popaw & Lukas

We go to the Park...

We feed ducks...

We go to the pool...

Ally, Uncle Brandon, Lauren, Cody, Lukas, Aunt Ky & Maddox

We play in the backyard....

We do yoga...

We have Impromptu photo sessions....

We do Pinterest projects....

Freeze toys in an Ice Block and give spoons to break into

Momma put suckers in the water...which in turn made flavored ice...so we ate our way to treasure

We LOVE....