Monday, June 21, 2010

6 Months Old, Water Babies & Teeth

Our babies are 6 months old! I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe they have been here for 1/2 a year. Everyday is a blessing and an adventure.

We went to our Pediatrician today for our babies 6 Month Well-Baby. Dr. B said that they had excellent head & neck strength. They have met all of their developmental milestones and are doing great.

Lukas weighed 15lbs 10 oz and was 27.75" in length. He has taken over the size lead from Miss Maddox!

Maddox weighed 15lbs 5 oz and was 26" in length. Maddox still has a clogged tear duct, so Dr. B referred us to a Pediatric Opthamologist. We take her in next Monday. He will evaluate her in office. If he thinks she needs it un-clogged, he will perform an eye probing in office. Of course, I'm a little apprehensive about her having to have this done, but I can't wait for her eye to quit matting and bothering her soo much! Please keep her in your prayers this upcoming week!

What else is new? Our babies are little water dogs! They love being in the pool. At first, Lukas wasn't sure he liked being in an uber big, bright blue, kinda cold bath tub, but he has quickly warmed up to the idea. They both love to splash and paddle on their bellies. My mom bought them some super cute swim suits see the pics below:




They look soo grown up :( Speaking of growing up, Maddox cut her first TOOTH. Her first tooth is on the bottom left. I felt something sharp when she was chewing on my hand in the pool, I looked down and saw it! I cannot believe it happened that quickly!!

Lastly, I'll leave you with some of our favorite pictures from the previous month :)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feed Me!!

In the beginning, we had trouble with Lukas wanting to eat. He never really showed much of an interest in food. He doddled with his bottle or fell asleep while breastfeeding.

Maddox has LOVED to eat from the beginning. She quickly caught her brother in weight and is very serious when it comes to eating.

I have decided to make all of our baby food homemade. Why would I take on such a task with two babies? Well for starters it is a money saver, not to mention the health benefits of giving them fresh fruits and vegetables. I know exactly what goes into their food, how it is prepared, and how long it has been in my freezer! I can also give them a more eclectic variety of foods AND I completely enjoy making it!

Before our kiddos were even ready to start eating, I had started making baby food. I bought two cook books "So Easy Baby Food" and "Top 100 Baby Food Purees". I follow the recipes in the books then I use a Green Sprouts Silicone Tray from i-Play (pictured below) to pour the pureed food into and then freeze it...


When it is completely frozen I pop out the frozen cubes and put them in a labeled Ziploc baggy! VOILA! Perfect 1 oz portions of baby food! I know you are all dying to know what foods I have created...thus far I have made

• Sweet Potatoes
• Gala & Fuji Apples
• Concord & Red Anjou Pears
• Butternut Squash
• Acorn Squash
• Summer Squash
• Zucchini
• Apricots
• Peaches
• Black Cherries
• Blueberries
• Broccoli
• Green Beans
• Sweet Peas
• Corn
• Carrots
• Sweet Potato, Apple & Chicken Medley
• Corn, Carrot, & Potato Medley

We started solid foods a couple of weeks ago. Lukas immediately took to rice cereal. He showed an interest from the very first time we gave it to him. Maddox on the other hand was a bit apprehensive. We never forced her to eat if she didn't want to, but we tried at least once a day.

Now, we introduce a new food every 3 days. Lukas LOVES to eat. We can't feed that boy quick enough. He grunts or slaps his tummy if you don't give him another bite when he is ready! I've started working on sign language with them both and I'm convinced he does the "More" sign!

Lukas eats EVERYTHING without a fuss; however, his favorite foods so far have appeared to be Pears, Green Beans, Butternut Squash & Sweet Potatoes.

Maddox has just started taking to solids. She was slower to come around and she still isn't as excited about it as her brother. She loves Pears, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash!

I've included a video of the first time Lukas ate Sweet Potatoes. He was eating them just fine, then all of a sudden it was like the texture got to him and he started making some Silly faces!!

Some Pictures of their first foods :)





Next Up...Pool Time :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Maddox is getting so big!

Maddox, unlike her brother, doesn't like to roll over. However, she does love to sit up and stand to play with her toys! My little girl is getting so big!

Maddox loves to stand up and play with her new toy that her Aunt Ky gave her!

She has also been sitting up to play with her toys....

They grow up soo fast... :(

I hope you enjoy the up...our babies 1st taste of solid food...