Friday, April 30, 2010

LifeAsArt Photography

At 3 months I told you I was SUPER excited about getting professional pictures taken of our babies. I am an artsy picture type of girl. I like seeing the beauty in our everyday life. Don't get me wrong, posed pictures can be fabulous too..but I really wanted some unique pictures of the twins.

I have been a huge fan of LifeAsArt Photography for sometime now, I can often be found perusing their social networks looking at their fabulous pictures. So needless to say, I was really excited when we had a reason to have pictures made.

We LOVED working with Jeremy and Amber Minnerick (aka LifeAsArt Photography). From the moment a bearded Jeremy walked in our door, Lady, greeted him as if he were a long lost friend. She yelped, licked and got extremely excited to see them. This was a good sign, because she only acts like this when she hasn't seen someone for a long time (ie one of our college roomies, our parents etc). Our babies were also HUGE fans of the beard..I hear he has gotten rid of it recently, but it sure was a crowd pleaser at our house!

They spent several hours at our house capturing everyday moments. We never felt rushed, flustered or the need to pose our children. They made the entire experience so comfortable, which is a MAJOR plus when you are trying to handle two babies. We worked through any fussy times and the pictures turned out beautiful!

Now I know you have been patiently awaiting their arrival and I aim to I'm going to show a slideshow of some of our favorites!!! I am only posting our favorites, because they took a BAJILLION pictures. The best part of it all is...I get a CD with ALL of them on it - Holla!


Friday, April 23, 2010

4 Months Old

Our babies are growing up..sniff sniff. Today we took the kiddos to their 4 Month Well-Baby check-up. I'll split the details up by baby.


Lukas is our noodle. He is long and lean He is 26.5" long and he weighs 11 lbs 8 oz. Our doctor is a little concerned because his height to weight ratio is a little skewed. Lukas is in the 90th percentile for height, but he is only in the 15th percentile for weight. For the next two weeks, we are to feed him by bottle at every feeding so that we can monitor exactly what he is intaking. Our doctor said not to worry yet, because Lukas has grown, just not in the weight category. He is also right on for all of his developmental milestones. So in two weeks we go in for a weight check and we are praying that he has gained adequate weight, if not, our doctor wants to run some tests on the little guy. Other than that, Lukas did great at his appointment. He was able to lift his head up and look around while on his tummy and he also had very good head and neck control. Here are a few things Lukas does on a daily basis: laughs out loud, drools, looks startled, chews on toys, drools, puts everything in his mouth, drools, plays with his hands..and did I mention he drools?? Also, our doctor thinks his eyes will stay blue, although we won't know for sure until 6 months.


Maddox is our growin' girl. Looking at her now, you would never be able to tell that she was once so tiny at 5 lbs. Maddox is 24" long and weighs 12 lbs 2 oz. She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. She has also doubled her birth weight, which is something they look for at around 6 months. At our appointment our doctor asked us if the twins had rolled over front to back or back to front. We told him that they had showed interest in rolling over, but hadn't accomplished the task on their own. Our doctor then proceeded to put Maddox on her belly to observe her head and neck control. What does she do? Maddox immediately rolled from her tummy to her back as if she had been doing it everyday for the past week. Our doctor was pretty impressed and told us that most babies can't do that until 5 months. Here are a few things that Maddox does on a daily basis: talks, cooes, sleeps (alot), eats, and plays.

Our nights are still rough at times, but we are making progress. We get up once a night for a feeding and depending on the night, a few times to give pacifiers, turn them on their side and put them back to sleep.

All in all the twins are doing great. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful children. We can't imagine a day without them.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures..

Bath Time




Grams & Poppaw Visit



Thanks for checkin in on us!  We'll update you soon!!!

Captured Moments Photography

My sister-in-law, Stacy Godwin, is a woman of many talents! Not only is she a fabulous hair stylist; she has recently started up a photography business and she takes excellent pictures. Needless to say, when she came to visit her new niece and nephew, Maddox and Lukas, I had to take advantage of her talents. I am family, you know!

She set up shop in our house with minimal props and completely not in her own element and the pictures she took turned out AMAZING. Now with my beautiful babies, she did have ALOT to work with...(hehehe)

If you are looking for a Photographer in Missouri you should definately check her out at Captured Moments Photography by Stacy Godwin.

Here are a few of the pictures she took...