Thursday, September 20, 2012


We have been SICK in the Mixon house.  It all started about 3 weeks ago with Ridley starting to run a high fever of around 104.  After taking her to the pediatrician, we figured out that she had a sinus infection and got her on an antibiotic and on the mend.

Sweet Baby...worn out from fever

Pedialyte is NOT my favorite

A couple of weeks ago, Maddox came home on a Friday with a high fever and complaining of being "cold". The entire weekend she felt miserable and kept having chills and fever (spiking to 104 everytime her next does of meds were due).  She kept saying she wanted to takes a "Momma's Nap", which totally melts my heart and means that A) I get to take a NAP and B) I get to snuggle & nap with my daughter for the first time in a REALLY long time.  Monday we took her to the pediatrician, found out she had a sinus infection got her on an antibiotic and by Wednesday she was ready to return to school.

Enjoying some "Mom" time
Now let's rewind to Tuesday evening, Lukas comes home from school with an eye infection.  I take him to the Pediatrician on Wednesday (the day Maddox got to go back to school).  It is determined that he has pink eye (so we think).  That afternoon, Lukas starts running a high fever.  After becoming extremely congested, I take him back to the doc on Friday and he is given an antibiotic for a _________ (you guessed it, a sinus infection!) and he is taken off the antibiotic eye drop because the oral antibiotic should help and the eye drops haven't helped his eyes because it appears to be allergy related. However, Lukas continues to run a fever all the way through  Monday, his eyes are so swollen and watery he can barely open them and he will hardly eat or drink anything.  So I call the pediatrician and they put him on an antihistamine drop and a antibiotic drop for his eyes and we are hoping that helps spur him to feeling better!
Maddox wanting her "partner in crime" to feel better

I guess it's true that when it rains, it pours but we can't WAIT to have everyone healthy around here.


Monday, September 17, 2012

6 Months

Holy Moly...I'm behind!  Like for reals, Ridley will be 7 months in 5 days and I have yet to write anything about her 6 Month post.

At 6 months Ridley weighed 16lbs 2oz and was 26" long.  We have started her on solids and she is doing great.  She was really interested at first, then we had a couple of weeks where she could take them or leave them and now she is back on the solid board.

I make her food like I did for the twins and so far she has had the following:

• Acorn Squash
• Apricots
• Apples
• Butternut Squash
• Bananas
• Oatmeal
• Peaches
• Peas
• Pears
• Sweet Potatoes
• Sweet Potatoes, Apples & Chicken

Her favorites so far seem to be Peaches, Butternut Squash, & the Chicken Sweet Potatoes & Apples mix.

She is such a happy baby.  I know I probably say this every time I blog about her, but it is true!  We are super blessed.

Right now, Ridley can sit up unassisted and she is coming pretty close to thinking about crawling.  She can get up on all floors and starts scooting.  She still rolls everywhere and she is already showing how mischievous she can be by rolling and grabbing shoes, toys and cords.

It has been a wonderful blessing having her around and she definitely brings a lot to our family dynamic.  The twins are just as crazy about her as we are and she thinks they are cooler than the other side of the pillow.

We are blessed to have such a wonderful family!  Thank you for checking in on us.