Thursday, September 1, 2011

A little note about new Baby Mix...

As you know, Cody and I have been blessed with Baby Number 3. We are super excited! First off, I will clear some questions up that I know you must have.

1. No, we did not have to take Clomid or any other fertility drug to conceive!

2. Yes, we were planning on having another baby. Though we were "trying", we were surprised by the timing that it all happened (job change, move, 5 months of being off bc, etc.)

3. At this point, we don't want to find out what we are having. We have everything for a boy and a girl, so we "think" we are going to let this one be a surprise. Of course, we all know how patient I am, so this could be very trying :o)

4. The pregnancy has been good. I will say that I was miserably sick for about 3 weeks, which was new to me because I had very minimal morning sickness with the twins. This go around, I was pretty sure I was on my deathbed at least 2 or 3 times (a day). I'm sure it was worse, because Cody wasn't here and everything is just better when he is around. (♥ him)

5. I am close to around 14 weeks pregnant. They haven't given me a estimated due date, yet. I will be given that date at my next sonogram. If I go with the date of my LMP, I would be due February 28th. However, if I go with the date I think it will be more like March 4th.

6. I met my new doctor in OKC and I like him. He does have big shoes to fill, because I absolutely LOVE Dr. T here in FW.

7. I will be having a repeat C-section to be scheduled at 39 weeks.

Everything is moving smoothly as I head into my second trimester! We are happy excited, nervous and ultimately Blessed!

Thanks for checkin' in!