Saturday, February 6, 2010

Work, The Nanny, Chiropractor, and the Hair Dryer

On February 1st I returned back to work! Originally we had discussed putting our kiddos in daycare and had even picked out and interviewed several places; however, as the time neared I began to dread the day I would have to drop them off. We decided it would be best for us if we looked for a Nanny. We used to place a job posting and after reviewing 50 applicants, interviewing 5, we found the fit for our family! Lori started on February 1st and she is such a blessing. I'm lucky enough to get to work from home 3 days a week and from the office the other 2. It is such a relief to have found someone that we love and trust to watch our kids in our home.

The kiddos are growing up soo quickly. We can't believe the changes we have seen as each week comes to an end. Lukas is very expressive and we heard him chuckle for the first time the other day. Maddox has smiling perfected and she definately lights up a room. We love watching them learn new things. Everyday is a new adventure and we look forward to all the new things they do.

We had a few rough nights with Maddox, so I put in a call to my friend Jessica. Jessica, recently had a baby girl, Ellie and she has been such a blessing to have around. She justifies all my crazy hormonal worries and answers all my questions (ie "Did Ellie do this?" "What did you do for this?" etc.)

So, after a few "all nighters" (this being totally different from the "all nighters" we had in college) we decided to take Miss Maddox to the Chiropractor. Now I know some of you are going "WTH!", but we had to try something and several people we know have used a Chiropractor for various things for their children. The Chiropractor I use is Dr. Wright and he is AMAZING, he also happens to specialize in Pediatrics. Now it isn't what you think...he doesn't Snap, Crackle and Pop our poor little babies bones..he mainly does a series of stretches and massage. Maddox loved it and it has seemed to help our nights.

We have also made another discovery that has changed our nights. My Hair Dryer has a dual purpose...drying my hair by day...putting my child to sleep by night. One minute Maddox can be fighting sleep or fussing, one little flip of the Hair Dryer switch and that girl is OUT! She loves the sound, vibrations and the warm air. Mostly we use it for the sound, but sometimes we lightly blow the warm air on her blanket (a safe distance of course) and she falls asleep in NO time! It's crazy the things parents will do to help everyone get some sleep.

Here are a few pictures of our kiddos!

Snuggling during Nap Time!

Lukas Glen

Maddox Avery