Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Birth Story...

Well, well, well...we have lot's of ground to cover, so keep in mind this will be a longer post.

At 36 weeks, everything was going as "planned". Now we have discussed throughout my pregnancy..our plan vs. God's plan. Our plans fall short because all we can see is what is right in front of us and we are unable to see how these short term plans we make work in the grand scheme of things. I am a person who likes to be in control of a situation, the loss of control is not something that I handle very well. Needless to say, the Lord has used my Pregnancy as a learning experience and it has been a trying journey, but a great one!

This verse has kept Cody and I sane this entire pregnancy..."For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

As you can see, the last post that I wrote was on Wednesday, December 16th. That day I was taken off my Terbutaline and was patiently awaiting my scheduled C-Section on Tuesday, December 22nd. As it turns out, the Lord had different plans for us!

Around 6:00 p.m on Thursday, December 17th I started noticing that I was having contractions every 8 minutes. I was worried that I was going into labor, but wasn't sure if I would know for sure if I was actually in labor. I called my mother, who was scheduled to visit on Friday morning. She reassured me that I would know if I was in labor.

Cody and I had a relaxing evening, watching our favorite shows on DVR, while Cody was putting together a folder for work. Around 10:00 pm, I started noticing that my contractions were around every 6 to 7 minutes apart, but they weren't painful. I have been having contractions for several weeks now, so this wasn't worrisome. I did ask Cody to help me wash my hair and get all cleaned up "just in case".

Cody went to bed around 11:15, I stayed up to dry my hair and read a book. At around midnight, I started having a backache and noticed that my contractions were every 4 to 5 minutes and they lasted about 1 minute each. At that point, I woke Cody up and we decided it would be best to head to the hospital to check everything out. I didn't want to end up being one of those woman who has my babies in the car because I was too stubborn to go to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, my contractions definately started to intensify and I was very happy that we had made the decision to head to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, we went to Labor and Delivery and they hooked me up to monitors. They were monitoring my contractions as well as the babies heart rates. Turns out I started having contractions every 2 minutes. I called my mother who immediately hit the road on her 5 hour road trip to Ft. Worth.

Around 3:00 am after a discussion with the on call physician, they decided to give me a shot of Morphine and Zophran to slow down my labor until my doctor became available at 6:00 am. They didn't want me to dilate anymore and I wanted Dr. Tatum to be the one that delivered the twins. Cody called his parents around 4:15 and they headed our way to meet the babies.

Dr. Tatum arrived at the hospital, took one look at my contraction pattern and said that we would be having babies in the next hour! Everything after that was a whirlwind... Within 30 minutes, Anesthesiology had taken me back and started my epidural/spinal block combo. I was numb from my breasts down. They prepared everything and brought Cody into the room and he sat next to me.

Everything happened so quickly. Cody was in the room for about 4 minutes when they told us that they were getting ready to pull out Baby A (Lukas), I felt some pressure on my stomach and hear Lukas screaming as the doc said, "we have Baby A with boy parts". Four seconds later I feel pressure again and the doc said, "we have Baby B with girl parts". Cody left my side to go see the babies as the nurses tended to them.

Lukas weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 20 in long. Maddox weight 5lbs 13oz and was 18.5 in long.

Maddox came out and she wasn't breathing, so they took her to her station and had to bag her for a few seconds to start her breathing, once they started her she became a live wire.

Everything was going great, they stapled everything up and handed me my babies and wheeled me into recovery. My mother made it just in time and got to come visit us in recovery and see her grandbabies!! It was in recovery that they realized that Lukas was having some difficulty breathing. The nurses took him and Maddox to further evaluate them.

Lukas ended up having to be checked into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). He was a little sluggish from the Morphine they had given me, so they gave him a shot of Narcan, which is a drug that counteracts the effects of Morphine. Once they gave him the medicine he was perfectly fine. However, he had to stay a mandatory 2 days in the NICU. Lukas was released from the NICU on Sunday evening. They didn't have a doctor available to circumsize Lukas until Monday morning, so we stayed one more night and we all were released together on Monday morning.

We have been home now for almost 2 weeks and everything is going great! The babies are wonderful. We have had lot's of help from family and friends and we feel truly blessed to have our kids home!

I will post pictures sometime in the near future, as for now, I'm going to go hold my blessings!

Thanks for checking in on us!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

36 Weeks...The Countdown

We have made it to 36 weeks and we couldn't be more excited!!

Today we went to the doctor and they took me off my medication. At this point, we are waiting to see what happens because it could happen at any moment!!! We are still praying that we make it to our scheduled C-Section on December 22nd, but we know that when these babies come it will be EXACTLY when the Lord wants them here! How comforting is that?

Lukas was weighing 7lbs 2oz and Maddox was weighing 6lbs 4oz. We are happy about their weights, but we realize they could be off at this point! We just want healthy babies that don't require any intervention from the hospital staff.

My mom comes up on Friday to spend the weekend with me and help pass the time. I have a Pre-Op appointment on Monday, December 21st.

We feel truly blessed and so excited to see what is in store for us in the very near future!

Here is me at 36 weeks...only 5 days left to go!

36 Weeks


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eviction Notice

I am issuing a 10 day notice for EVICTION. Tenants will have 10 days in which they can either gather their belongings and promptly vacate the premises, or wait until the final day. After which, they will be physically removed from the property.

Tenants are being evicted due to breech of contract and destruction of property. Expansions only to the FRONT of the house, within reasonable limits, were discussed. Not only have these limits been exceeded, but additions to the back of the house were also made!

Remodeling and gutting of the home was never approved, nor was changing the initial layout and base structure. And due to property damage, there are now leaks in both the upper AND lower levels of the home. On top of which, the landlord has received numerous complaints about nightly disturbances.

After 10 days from the day of this notice, if the Teanants do not comply it will result in immediate and forceful removal at my discretion.

***I will give a further update on Wednesday after my two doctor's appointments***


Thursday, December 10, 2009

35 Weeks

We have made it to 35 weeks...the Lord is a blessin'!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, I'm slightly dilated (not enough that he even gave me a number) and my scheduled C-Section date is FOR SURE a go!!! This of course is barring any unforseen complications. It is getting soo close that it seems very surreal.

I go to my OB and the Perinatologist on Wednesday of next week..and that will be my last trip to the doctor until the time of delivery...WHOOP! Soo exciting!

Lastly, I'm a big fan of the TV show "I didn't know I was pregnant", so I wanted to show you the picture that is going to accompany the application I'm submitting to them so they will understand how there was no way I could have known I was going to deliver in less than two weeks...

I didn't know I was pregnant...with TWINS...

35 Weeks

Cross your fingers that they select my application ;)

Keep us in your prayers that we can make it these final 12 days! We are praying for a birthday of December 22, 2009!!! WOO HOO!!


Friday, December 4, 2009

34 Weeks (18 days or less)

PRAISE THE LORD, we made it to 34 weeks!!!

On Wednesday, we went to our doctors for our 34 week appointments with both the Perinatologist and my OB/GYN. The Perinatologist measured the babies...Lukas Glen is weighing in at 6lbs 7oz and Maddox Avery is weighing in at 5lbs 8oz. Maddox has gained about 1 lb in 2 weeks and Lukas has gained around 1.5lbs in 2 weeks!!!

At this point they said they gain around 1/2lb a week. They also said twins usually go through growth spurts at different times. They said Lukas had one this time and not to be surprised if Maddox had one next time! Either way, we are happy for healthy babies!!! I can't believe there is 12 lbs of babies in my belly...strike that I CAN believe it, but it is crazy!!!

Besides the size measurements, nothing else really happened at the Perinatologist. She just said that she would see me at 36 weeks, unless something happened before then.

My OB/GYN did the usual; however, we did get him to give us a Scheduled C-Section date!!!

December 22, 2009 at 8:45 am is our babies tentative C-Section date! However, Dr. Tatum said to keep in mind that I still have a 50% chance of going into labor before that day, or it can be subject to change for some unknown medical reasons.

Needless to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are SOOOO excited. It is crazy to think that we have 18 days or less left in our journey! We are simply praying that when the babies decide to make their appearance that they are completely healthy and able to come home with us as soon as we leave the hospital!

Lastly, I'm going to leave you with a couple of 34 week pictures...I am measuring 39 weeks..and all I have to say is, My what a difference clothing and and a Camera Angle make...

34 weeks with Clothing and Straight on...
34 Weeks with clothes

34 weeks with No Clothes from the side = BIG DIFFERENCE
34 Weeks