Friday, February 22, 2013

My Letter to Ridley

My Dearest Ridley,

I cannot believe 1 whole year has come and gone.  It seems like yesterday I was hearing the doctor say "She has a big head and she has big shoulders, we have a 9 pounder I guarantee it".  He was right.  You were this perfect 9lbs 8oz bundle of love and I was smitten.  Truth be told, I'm still smitten to this day and if I've learned anything in the short 3 years of being a mother, it is that you will always hold my heart.

I am in awe of the wonders of our Lord and how he gives us exactly what we need. To be able to create a life out of love is one of the biggest gifts that we could ever receive and that was made apparent to me again 1 year ago today.  

You see, you aren't just a normal little girl.  You are the perfect fit for our family.  You are very laid back and happy, which is perfect since we had two crazy 2 year olds now 3 year olds running around.  You are super sweet, but you have just enough spunk to keep your brother and sister on their toes.  Our family wouldn't be complete without you.

Baby girl, always know that Maddox & Lukas love you so very much and they are your forever protectors, even when they don't want "Ree Ree" to get in the way of their things.You will be a force to reckoned with as you get older. You already know how to pester them and they love you for it. 

You have given us more joy in this last year than I could have ever imagined, which is saying a lot because at one time I thought my heart was full.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the moments leading up to your birthday and I look forward to seeing how your personality grows and develops in the years to come.  The Lord has already blessed you with some wonderful qualities and while I can't wait to see the future that he has in store for you, I enjoy you being my little baby girl.

Ridley Harper you are so very loved and will forever be one of the biggest blessings in my life.  You are one of a kind and I'm so lucky to be your mother.

Happy Birthday baby :)


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So sweet!